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This is the FAQ page for MyPokemonStory.  Here you will hopefully find the answers you are looking for.  If you have a question you think should be added, let me know!

Q.  I entered into the land of Pokemon... now what?  There are no guidelines for me to follow!

A.  Now it's time for you to actually start playing!  There is a lot for you to do... Talk to people to learn valuable information. Whether it be a sale at a local shop, or a mysterious new person, there will always be something new to do.  I'm one of those obsessive people that always need to check for new mail and add new things, so you can be sure that I'll be on everyday switching things up.

Q.  I just got my first Pokemon... how do I know what level it's on and what moves it knows?

A.  Your first pokemon starts on Lv. 1
      To see what moves it knows, check out this awesome site for details on every pokemon:

Q.  I already submitted my Trainer Page to you, but I want to change some stuff on it.  What should we do?

A.  Since it is a Deviation and must be re-submitted for updates, all the information will also be shown in the details below it such as money, pokemon, etc...  If you simply want to change something small, like putting an item in the PC, this can wait until a bigger update is needed.  Once a couple big updates need made, I will delete the old deviation and add the new one.

Q.  How do I make money/poke?

A.  Ask the characters in the game and look around, opportunities are everywhere.  You automatically recieve ~100 when you join.  (The symbol for money in this region is ~)

Q.  How do you battle trainers and wild Pokemon?

A.  There are different ways to do so.  Some might include a game or challenge of somesort and others might require a picture or written peice of your victory.  However, the pokemon you are facing must be no more than 1 lv. higher than you.

Q.  Can I catch wild Pokemon?

A.  Of course!  What would be a Pokemon game if you couldn't?  To catch a wild pokemon, there are 4 requirements:
1. you must have somesort of Pokeball with you depending on the level it's on:
Lv. 1-15 - pokeball
Lv. 16-30 - greatball
Lv. 31+ - ultraball
2. you must have an open slot in your Party
3. you must have one pokemon equal to or greater than the level Pokemon you are trying to catch.
4. you must defeat the pokemon by completing the challenge in the description

Q.  Can I trade and release pokemon?

A.  Yes, you can trade pokemon with other members or you might even find an in-game trade... Look around the game for trading opportunities.  You can also release your pokemon to the wild or you might even find a worthy cause in the game...

Q.  Can I have more than one in-game character?

A.  Yes, you can have more than one trainer if you desire.  All you need to do is send me another completed Profile Page for them.

Q.  Should I add you to my watch?

A.  You don't need to, but if you want to see new updates and current events you can!  If you add me I will most likely add you.  If you don't want me to watch you either send a note or just delete me... I won't mind.

:dance:  well that took long enough to write... :dance:
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Submitted on
January 12, 2009