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:bulletwhite: Starting today, a new method of raising pokemon will be introduced.  Due to the meticulous task of changing the questions around each day, a new system was needed, saving me time.  The level system explained below is still in place, however, you won't need to answer questions... you simply have to draw/write about the battle you are taking.  This way you can truely keep your own unique pokemon story.

:bulletwhite: Now, you are probably wondering how you know what level pokemon you are facing.  Well, there will be a list on each route, showing when and what pokemon will appear.  Also, they will be posted in the library eventually as well.

:new: If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please send me a note!

:pokeball: In this club, pokemon are raised by earning exp. points from defeating other pokemon.  Look below to see how to level up, and how to calculate your exp. points:

:bulletred: When you defeat a wild pokemon, you earn 3 times the level it is on (3x).  So, if you defeat a lv. 1 pokemon, you earn 3 exp. points.

:bulletred: Your pokemon needs 5 times the level it is on to level up (5x).  So, if your pokemon is on level 4, you'd need 20 new points to raise  it to level 5.  Here is a list:

lv. 1 - 5 pts
lv. 2 - 10 pts (15 total)
lv. 3 - 15 pts (30 total)
lv. 4 - 20 pts (50 total)
lv. 5 - 25 pts (75 total)
lv. 6 - 30 pts (105 total)
lv. 7 - 35 pts (140 total)
lv. 8 - 40 pts (180 total)
lv. 9 - 45 pts (225 total)
lv. 10 - 50 pts (275 total)
lv. 11 - 55 pts (330 total)
lv. 12 - 60 pts (390 total)
lv. 13 - 65 pts (455 total)
lv. 14 - 70 pts (525 total)
lv. 15 - 75 pts (600 total)

:bulletred: If you defeat a trainer, you earn more exp. points.  A trainer earns you 4 times the level (4x), rather than just 3.  So, if you defeat a lv 2 pokemon, you earn 8 pts. instead of just 6.

:pokeball: If you have any questions, just ask!
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Submitted on
April 6, 2009