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:new: ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS!  A new method of raising pokemon is being introduced today!  Due to the hassle of needing to change around the numerous questions each day, I had no time for anything else.  So, Please go to the "How to raise your Pokemon" journel entry and read about the new method, or read about it in the newspaper.  Tell me your questions/concerns/requests through a note!

:pokeball: NEW MEMBERS

:bulletred: Welcome to MyPokemonStory, an adventure club where you go into a pokemon game and be the best trainer you can be.  Everyone is welcome here, and we are always looking for more members.  Don't be shy, just send a note saying you want to join.  You may start with any first-stage, non-legendary Pokemon.  We strive to create an authentic Pokemon experience, so please be courteous and follow the rules.

:bulletred: In order to keep track of everyone's items, money, and Pokemon, you need to make a profile page.  It doesn't need to be anything fancy, and examples can be found in the gallery.  Usually it just consists of a trainer card or a drawing of what your charater looks like.

:bulletred: Earn money, battle trainers, catch wild pokemon, and much, much more.  You automatically start with ~100 and your first Pokemon is free.  If you would like another one, every first stage Pokemon can be bought at the PokeStand in the Coastal Market for ~50.  Pokemon on sale are only ~30.  

Good Luck, and have fun becoming the best trainer you can be!

:pokeball: LINKS

FAQ page:…
How to Raise Pokemon:…
Latest Newspaper Issue:…

Zephyr Town:…
Route 1:…
Acora Town:…
Route 2 Bird Area:…
Route 2 Bug Area:…
TreeDome City:…
Route 3:…

:pokeball: MISC.

:bulletred: I haven't been on here for a while due to school and all, and sorry for the time away not updating... however, I will make up for that by adding all the places up to the new city soon.

:bulletred: Affiliates:
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